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Pickmeapp Full Version Free Downloadl [2022-Latest]




exe application.PickMeApp has great functionality of a standalone package manager - it does not require any installation on your PC and it does not need installation on client side. PickMeApp is easy to use and can be used to download one, two, three or all applications at once.Install PickMeApp now!Features:- PickMeApp - Installer and LiveCD- Building: 1. PickMeApp version 5.0 - supports Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems- Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer-.exe files support: All versions of Windows- All type of.exe files support: All type of applications- Manager GUI: You can view information about applications- You can use listview and treeview to view list of all applications- You can view any application file- You can view detailed information about any application. This functionality can be accessed in Options- Manager GUI: You can show dialogs with some actions such as "Open".- Manage actions: Create new or duplicate actions- Delete actions: Delete existing actions- Disable actions: You can disable action by setting to disabled- Load actions list from registry: You can load information from registry or not. If you load information from registry, you can use your previous data for default actions- Manage plugins: You can add, remove, edit, delete plugins- Save actions: You can save actions or not- Reset tooltips: You can change popup tooltips to close, minimize, maximize or restore- Configure tooltips: You can show, hide or customize tooltip messages for each application- View configuration files: You can view (for files where) file path- Configure colors: You can configure colors- Context menu: You can add, remove or customize actions- Copy path and name: You can copy path and name of application- Configure default action: You can define default action for each application- Add default action: You can add default actions for each application- Add actions: You can add actions, like "Open" or "Run" or "Uninstall" or "Run" by file path. These actions are assigned to all applications- Add custom tooltips: You can add tooltips as a text to each application- Manage applications: You can show all applications and show detail information about them.- Manage search: You can show menu and use search window to find an application quickly- Load applications from file: You can load all applications from a text file- Add custom actions to actions- Add icons to actions: You can




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Pickmeapp Full Version Free Downloadl [2022-Latest]

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